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Gainesville Holistic Healthcare offers massage therapy to provide bodywork as a complement to your acupuncture treatment or as a stand-alone service. Our massage therapist is highly trained and skilled and embraces a holistic understanding of anatomy, healing, and wellness.

Massage can be an excellent treatment option for acute or chronic pain, as well as for stress relief, and enhances overall wellness, flexibility, and good health.

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Connective Tissue Therapy - Also known as Deep Tissue Massage, this approach focuses on restoring the smooth quality of healthy muscle and connective tissue and the fluid, gliding relationship between them. Stress, injury, dehydration, or dis-ease can cause our tissues to become “stuck” together, impairing proper function and causing physical limitations and pain. CTT can improve range of motion, posture, and flexibility while easing many types of pain including neck, back, shoulder, and foot pain.

Neuromuscular Therapy - Also known as Trigger Point Therapy, this approach helps to unlock chronic muscle tension patterns by stimulating neurological reflexes related to chronic muscle contraction and pain patterns. Pressure applied to specific trigger points in muscles causes them to relax, reducing pain and increasing body awareness. NMT is especially effective for releasing spots of chronic, sharp pain often accompanied by “radiating” or “shooting” pain. Both Connective Tissue Therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy incorporate Myofascial Release techniques.

Polarity Therapy - Physical, emotional, or psychological stress or trauma can create energy blockages that disrupt the healthy movement and balance of energy in our body. When our energetic body is out of balance, we are susceptible to dis-ease. This approach uses still contact to connect pathways of energy, some gentle rocking of the client to facilitate energy flow, and near contact with the hands just off the client’s body to help rebalance energy. As the therapist works, the client can experience deep relaxation, release of pain, greater range of movement, changes in breathing, shifts in the nervous system, sensations of heat or cold, spontaneous movement, and the surfacing of memories which can also lead to an emotionally expressive release of energy blockages.

Thai Massage Therapy - Traditional Thai massage features non-invasive bodywork using compression, stretching, and rocking to restore balance to the body. The focus of the work is to move through the energy lines of the body and put emphasis on Marma points, the junctures of bone, muscle, ligament, and joint. The essence of the practice is self-awareness and the facilitation of Metta (love energy). Especially effective for restoring overall balance and creating a sense of peace and well-being. Great for treating stress-related illness, circulatory problems, pain, and muscle aches.

Meet Our Massage Therapist

Caitlyn Vinci, LMT

Gainesville Massage Therapist Caitlyn Vinci
Caitlyn Vinci (MA 78940) has been practicing massage therapy in Gainesville since 2015. She studied at the Florida School of Massage and earned certification in Thai massage. Her goal is to meet clients where they are and provide a unique therapy that allows the body space to find balance and homeostasis. Her passions are music, massage therapy, travel, and anything that acts as a vehicle to reach other beings and spread love and light. “Peace and happiness come from a combination of balance and self-love. We are different everyday -- allow yourself the space to change.”

A Holistic Approach to Health

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We offer a variety of holistic treatment options to match your needs. If you are new to holistic healthcare or simply have some questions, we offer free 20-30 minute consultations to new patients.

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